Risk Management Options For Your IP Portfolio

11 July * 11:30AM EST / 4:30 WET (GMT)

In the rapidly evolving intellectual property (IP) landscape, safeguarding your innovations and creations has never been more critical. Join us and learn how to protect and maximize the value of your IP assets.

🔍 Your Instructor: Mike Blake

Michael Blake, CFA, ASA, ABAR with over 25 years experience in the valuation and IP commercialization space will help you optimize your IP risk management, offering practical strategies to mitigate potential threats and secure your competitive advantage.

🔍 What You'll Learn
  1. Identify common risks associated with IP

  2. Learn a framework for evaluating your IP risks

  3. Explore strategic and financial options to protect your IP

🚀By participating in this webinar, you’ll learn about practical IP risk management tools and strategies you can begin to implement immediately. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your IP risk management capabilities and protect the value of your IP assets.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!Identify common risks associated with IP.

Meet & Mingle

DATE TBA * 4:00PM EST - 8:00PM EST

Join us for a power-packed evening of networking and socializing with engaging and dynamic individuals. This event is an opportunity to connect with Mike Blake and the High Score Strategies team and expand your circle.

This is a drop-in event. Come at any point between 4pm and 8pm. There is no charge for this event. We will provide snacks, but we ask people to pay their own bar bill.