”We started working with Mike in order to understand the valuation for our software. Not only did he deliver a robust model that we can use for client pricing discussions but he also played a key role in honing our sales pitch to prospective buyers. He was insightful as well as pleasant and a great asset for our business..”

- Marya Kaska, Product Director, Datafin

”I have tutored with Mike on iiBV/BVIUK Principles of Valuation courses. Mike has an effortlessly engaging teaching style and is fully in command of topics comprising the income and market approaches to valuation. He is able to illustrate difficult concepts with real life examples thus making complex ideas accessible for those with limited or no knowledge of business valuation. Mike is an all-round great guy!.”

- Graham Antrobus, Partners Assistant, Bruce Sutherland & Co

”Mike gives me the answer I need not the answer I want. He asks the question that gets to the heart of the matter. He cuts through the bullshit and adds value in every conversation.”

- Chris Esworthy, COO & CRO, Digital Cortex

”Mike Blake is the best business advisor I have worked with. I’ve known him nearly a decade, and I’m grateful to have benefited from his wise counsel, thoughtful intellect and exceptional expertise. I worked closely with Mike and his team on several 409a valuations as controller for an e-commerce company. Not only was their work accurate and timely, as would be expected, but they made sure we achieved clarity on the implications of their valuation conclusions and valuation issues associated with future stock grants. I appreciated how he committed to really understanding our business and crafting a valuation deliverable that was relevant to our needs and captured the unique facets of our business, rather than trying to fit the valuation into a template. If you want clarity when you need valuation work done, Mike's a superb choice!”

- Rob Tucker, COO/CFO, Happy Hippie

”I strongly believe that we won the TAG Business Launch Competition as a direct result of the mentorship and coaching that he provided to us. To reinforce my claim, he has also been the mentor for two of the other past BLC winners! The help he provided was comprehensive, from financial projections to independently organizing a group of local business owners to “shark tank” our pitch before the final presentation. He dug in deep to understand what Gimme is, how it’s unique, and what we needed to do to succeed. Outside of his volunteering efforts at TAG, he also co-founded Startup Lounge. Professionally, I can't imagine someone better to trust and work with.”

- Cory Hewitt, Partner, NexGen Venture Partners

”I am always excited to have the opportunity to hear Michael Blake present. He has a broad wealth of knowledge including insight and expertise on tech start-ups and the technology start-up ecosystem here in Atlanta. Michael recently gave two presentations to our start-up companies during our CapVenture training program for entrepreneurs. Michael did a lot of groundwork on his presentation and the audience really responded to his wit, knowledge and ability to answer any and all questions. We also asked him to add a component at the last minute and with much grace under fire, Michael gave these fledgling companies their first real look at how to craft a great pitch. The last participants had to be forcibly escorted out of the room – they could not get enough of him. Michael Blake is a wonderful resource and an asset to the Atlanta tech community. We are so grateful for his expertise.”

- Amanda Hendley, Executive Director, Georgia Society Of Professional Engineers

”My international organization (R3 Continuum) has been a loyal client of Michael Blake for nearly two decades. We respond to an average of 2,500 crisis interventions per month, mostly onsite in the aftermath of organizational disruptive events. At the time Michael came into my life, I had one crisis response company. It was Michael’s idea for me to buy out our next largest competitor. He structured the deal in a manner that made it possible and walked us through every step of the transaction. We couldn’t have done it without him. Since then, I’ve bought three more companies (now combined into R3 Continuum). Michael has been with us every step of the way. He’s truly a brilliant guy with a perennial “can do” approach to valuation and transaction services. But, what keeps me coming back is Michael’s impeccable integrity. He’s earned my trust and confidence. His non-biased consulting services are worth multiples of his professional fees.”

- Bruce Blythe, Chairman, R3 Continuum

”We retained Michael Blake to prepare us to present to potential investors. He was able to respond quickly and help us on a very tight timetable. He and his team were responsive, creative, and completely transformed the way we prepared and delivered our presentation. He helped us with all aspects of the presentation, from the script, to images, messaging and even helped us re-work the fundamental business model. After he helped us, we came in a close second at a highly competitive business competition and we are now one of 8 companies out of over 500 applicants accepted into an incubator that also provided funding.”

- Dr. Linda Harley, Founder, Purple Pixie Studios

”Michael Blake was highly professional with extensive knowledge on valuation services for my equitable division buyout negotiations. He saved me from being railroaded into a bad deal. As part of the agreement equitable division agreement, I did have the right to select the valuation firm to perform the appraisal. He assisted me in the selection of professionals, was involved in the interview process and educated me on the negotiation outcome. The outcome was a positive and I was very pleased to have had him represent my interests. I highly recommend Mike for valuation consulting services.”

- Christine Williams, Founder, Resort Girl

”Michael Blake is an outstanding valuation expert. He is easy to work with, has a keen eye for subtle nuances, and excellent judgment. We have worked with him now for a number of years and have been a client for valuation services and also are the beneficiaries of their support of StartupLounge when we were just a startup. Highly recommend him, you won’t find better.”

- Jay Ruhm, CFO, Dinova, LLC

”Michael Blake is a trusted advisor to our group of companies and has been an instrumental force in our growth strategy. His business prowess, logical thinking and deep experience in financial modeling has supported our path from forming the optimal structure for growth and value to advising on acquisitions, audits and, of course, handling all of our valuation needs. He is a consummate professional and comes to get the job done. Our business philosophy at R3 is “win / win” and it is typically a “slam dunk” when Mike is in the room!!”

- Scott Alfieri, CEO, R³ Continuum

”Michael Blake’s financial analysis and modeling are very thorough and comprehensive. He asks the questions that need to be asked and develops his reporting based on sound analysis. For me what differentiates him and puts him at the top is that they have an uncanny ability to keep an acquisition on track and keep all parties focused on the final goal, closing a fair and successful deal. He has the ability to cut thru all the distractions, focus on the key points, manage all party expectations and emotions, and negotiate a fair and favorable deal. Having him on your team will be a real asset that will pay dividends.”

- Marv Veltkamp, CFO, Crisis Care Network

”I have a master’s degree in finance and several years’ experience in cost benefit and discounted cash flow analysis. With that technical background, I cannot duplicate the quality of Michael Blake’s financial modeling, but I can understand and appreciate the depth of it. However, as impressive as his financial work is, that’s not what really differentiates Mike’s work.
He has a keen sense of the end to end process of a successful acquisition and he uses that understanding to expertly advise us along the way – including how to “be the adults in the room” when the other side inevitably ignores logic and reacts emotionally, the strategic and non-financial aspects of a deal that would argue for or against proceeding, and the art of negotiations.
In short, I am confident that with Mike advising us we significantly increase the likelihood that we will walk away from acquisitions that we shouldn’t complete and close the deals we should. In addition, the terms of the deals we close will be much more favorable to us because of Mike’s wise counsel.”

- Jim Mortensen, President, Behavioral Medical Interventions

”When approached to sell my company, Michael Blake provided a professional and timely valuation of the company which eased the transition toward the sale. Mike’s points leading to the assigned valuation were clear, concise and fair. I would definitely recommend his services and firm to those in the market of acquiring or selling companies. He is a proven, trusted partner.”

- Tonya Slawinski, PhD, President, Supportive Solutions

”Michael is the best deal advisor in both the Western and the Eastern hemispheres. He has worked with us on complex cross border and domestic transactions.”

- Walt Sapronov, Esq., Partner, Sapronov & Associates, P.C.


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